Guest can't access to invoice PDF without login

Hello, I’m having a problem with the last version 1.4.4 when I send a guest url to a client and he wants to generate a PDF. The system requests him to login and it is not correct. What can I do to solve it?
It was working on the other versions…


I’ve seen that in other instance it is working ok, so can something has been changed when updating to the new version?
I have my own templates but I don’t think that it could be the problem…

Yes, it seems that the PDF export for guests is broken at the moment… :confused:
I contacted the developer who edited the file, hope to fix that soon.


Ok, thank you for your help. I hope that he could fix it.

Is it already fixed? In my system the PDF generation linked didn’t work:
domain.tld/index.php/guest/view/generate_invoice_pdf/DdsgsdgNblG2hI it always redirected to the public html view

I think that @Pitma is working on it. Maybe he can tell us something.

Pitma did not respond to any message so I think he is not working on any issue anymore.

So, is that bug going to be fixed in a new version of IP? I think that is important.
Thank you Kovah.

Not fixed in 1.4.6. It’s kinda annoying as can’t send link to customers and must send PDF instead.

I just have to completely check the code written by Pitma to understand what he does and what’s the cause for this error.

Hi @Kovah , something new about that bug?

I really need it. Thank you!

Hi @Kovah , any news about this?


No, I may take a look at it soon