[Solved] Canceling Invoice Email

I noticed that when at the send invoice email page, even if you click cancel it will still send the email. Not sure if I may have something configured incorrectly?

Confirmed, uiui… :cold_sweat:

The same problem happens when sending quotes. I’ve modified the code to check whether the cancel button was clicked and if that’s the case the user is sent back to the list of invoices or quotes.


Solved here: https://github.com/InvoicePlane/InvoicePlane/commit/5d0f06a0420bcdfb0539f0d36d9bdae5188f82ba
Will be in next release (planned tomorrow)

I’m guess that next version is going to be 1.1.2?


Yep! Release of v1.1.2 is planned for end January.

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