The limit of invoices to 20 when viewing a client

I’m not sure wether this is a feature or a bug, but, when viewing a clients history, only the last 20 of quotes, invoices and payments are shown. It appears to me someone has planned for “previous/Next”-buttons and maybe forgot about it.

Anyway, my solution was to make some changes in /application/modules/clients/controllers/clients.php (line 139-141):


            'client'           => $client,
            'client_notes'     => $this->mdl_client_notes->where('client_id', $client_id)->get()->result(),
            'invoices'         => $this->mdl_invoices->by_client($client_id)->limit(20)->get()->result(),
            'quotes'           => $this->mdl_quotes->by_client($client_id)->limit(20)->get()->result(),
            'payments'         => $this->mdl_payments->by_client($client_id)->limit(20)->get()->result(),
            'custom_fields'    => $this->mdl_custom_fields->by_table('ip_client_custom')->get()->result(),
            'quote_statuses'   => $this->mdl_quotes->statuses(),
            'invoice_statuses' => $this->mdl_invoices->statuses(),

What I did was of course to remove ->limit(20) from all three lines…

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excellent hack. sincerely appreciate it…