Set higher invoice number number to be used when creating next invoice

Does anyone know if there is a way that I can set the default next invoice number used to start from a specific number?

E.g. If I want to start from, say, 1000 instead of 1, so that the next time I create a new invoice the next number will be 1001?

It would be only possible to create this pattern if the first 1 would be static.
This means you would have to set the 2000 manually.

Not sure I understand, but let me explain in a different way.

I’d used another system to create invoices before, and did not want to revert to ‘Invoice 1’ again. So I wanted to start from the next incremental invoice number.

When I create an invoice number it’s obviously pulling a number from the database and I can then override it, but this is a manual process. I’m hoping that there’s a field in the database I can update so that it automatically increments based on MY last invoice number.

You can set both the number of zeros and the next ID. So you could achieve IDs like 10001, 10002, 10235. But when you reach 19999 you would have to change the 1 at the beginning into a 2 and set the next ID to 0 again.

I think I’ll be a while before I hit that, but useful to know. :grinning:

How do I do this? Is there a setting that I missed in the settings section or do I need to modify something within the database?

So does this mean that after you set the invoice manually the next invoice will be generated from the number you manually set ?

I also have the same issue , i have a previous billing system that generated invoice up to #2065 and it will be great to have the invoice start from #2066 .

So, i can see that you can do this manually but doing so on every invoice is a tedious job …

Is the a way to automate it ? So that it continues from #2066 going upwards ?

@Martin_Bailey its not the general settings, you have to edit the invoice group. Please take a look at the wiki for invoice groups on how to set these options.

@nuffsaid Just set 2066 as the next ID in the invoice group settings and the next invoice will get the ID 2066, after that 2067 and so on

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Ah yes, got it - thanks.

Just found it under there.

To be honest I never even though to look in there as I assumed that invoice groups referred to different types of invoices that I might want to raise, and that was not relevant to me…

Thanks again for the response.