Path to file Cron issue

Hi there,
I’ve installed Invoice Plane and it looks terrific.
I want to set up the cron job and the wiki tells me to indicate a URL.
The problem is tha my hosting service asks me the real server path to the file (and invoices/invoices/cron/recur/xxx) doesn’t exist.
Can you help me with that ?

The folder or file do not have to exists as the system itself handles the requested path on its own.
Opening the specified URL should work without problems.

May I ask why the app looks terrific and what could be made better?

You can consider using a third party provider for cron job like and a tutorial at, hope help you.

Hi, by terrific I meant “good” ;-).
my provider requires a server path and not an http one…
BTW do you need a hand to translate the tool into French ?

This is a good idea to use a third party, i’ll consider that, thx.

Sure, you could check out