Project Planning?

I tried to read the project planning, supposed to be in Trello. The provided link is but it’s not working. Any place to see roadmap and future plans for the project?

Well the plan is that we migrate the whole project to the new release of Laravel. But it was delayed until January. We decided to wait for the release since it introduces some backward incompatible changes and we didn’t want to write it all twice.
Until then, the project planning is basically the issue list here: (filter by milestones)
And for v2 it’s here:

At the moment, we don’t want to implement larger features for v1, since it all has to be rewritten for v2. But if you want to have some smaller change in one of the next releases, just write into the issue or here in the forum.

Do you mean for version 2 everything will be started from scratch? Is it worth it? So bad is the code right now?

Original thread here:
The further development of CodeIgniter was long in an unknown state. This is why Kovah looked for alternatives.
I personally like Laravel more. I didn’t know both frameworks before, decided I to look into both Laravel and CodeIgniter. In short, Laravel was quite clear to me. CodeIgniter semms OK, but the documentation is awful. I for my part still don’t grasp how models and SQL queries are handled, even after looking intensively at our code.

I can’t really see the Roadmap for v2. Is it really active? Is gonna be compatible and with the same features as IP 1.x?

Ah sorry, the plan is to recreate all the functionality fom v1 first, then do all the additional issues. But we didn’t specify what comes when as of now.
There will be a conversion script for all the data. Some files like PDF templates would need to be created from scratch, since they contain code from the current framework.

Just a question: Will you provide a tool to migrate from v1 to v2?