Renaming Column Titles

I have a few things i want to change on the default PDF and invoice template

  1. Change ‘Description’ text
  2. Remove trailing zeroes from Qty e.g 2.00 becomes a whole number 2
  3. Remove Discount Column

I’m comfortable adding SQL Queries and changing the PHP files just dont fully understand the language

  1. Any text labels can be changed with adding a custom declaration in the file application/language/english/custom_lang.php
  2. I would not recommend messing with any numeric values as this may cause unexpected behaviour while saving quotes / invoices
  3. Do you want to remove the column from the invoice edit screen or the templates?

Yes I want to remove it from the clients invoice I don’t mind if it shoes up on the editor.

Also is it not at all possible to take the zeroes off? our prices are always whole numbers.