How to add custom field for each item?

Hello InvoicePlane-Community,
at the moment I am testing the software and I am already very thrilled. But what I didn’t understand until now is how to add a custom field which has a value which might change from item to item. In my case it’s a “Unit” field. Sometimes the value for it is “Working Hours”, sometimes it is “Packages” or something similar. Therefore I need to be able to change the value for every item in the invoice.
I followed the Custom Fields Wiki but the new custom field appeared only at the bottom of the “Create Invoice” page with a general value which applies on all items. How can I make my custom field a column and give its value in consequence the possibility to be individualized for every single item?

Thanks a lot for your help in advance! Kind regards!

Custom.fields are not supported for items at the moment.

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Thanks a lot for the reply. As I am thinking that they are quite important for many users, I’ll add to the “Feature Requests”.