v1.4.4 - v1.4.6 CSS issue in client URL

When visiting the client URL of a quote or an invoice, I noticed that the buttons (download pdf, approve, reject) don’t appear correctly. There is only the text link, so that made me think there should be a problem with the CSS used.

Looking at the file /assets/default/css/templates.css I notice that the file size in v1.4.3 is approx 95KiB but the size in v1.4.4 is just 2KiB. Looking inside the file there is no class btn and btn-primary. Those classes are used to display the buttons (as far as I know).

Replacing the v.1.4.4 file with the older one of v1.4.3 might solve the problem, but I can’t be sure if that will create new problems. Please advise.

I noticed this too, it looks like the button outline is still missing from 1.4.6. I did test changing the template.css file however that caused issues with the formatting of the PDF template.

No Outline:

Outline: From v1.4.3

After some further testing I saw this also affected the client link screen in other ways.



What I did to fix this without the PDF formatting issues or any other issues from what I can tell, was to use the v1.4.3 template.css file and add/append the info from the v1.4.6.
This seems to fix the issues and does not break the PDF.