Expenses module update?

I am a (very happy) user of InvoicePlane 1.

I have read that there will be a module for tracking expenses included in V2, but have not been able to find a release date. Is this additions still planned, and if so, do you have an approximate release date?

Yes it is planned but may not be included in v2 but a later version, maybe v2.2 or something like that.

Thank for your reply. I’ll wait for v2.2 then. Is it too early to predict a date for that?

As not even v2 is nearly finished yet it may take some time if I get no further help from other developers.

How can we contribute to the development if we have interest? I am new to the module development.


Hi is the expense module available or still under construction?

We start ideas for development of v2 so at the moment it’s not developed at all but can be an idea to add it in the v2 :slight_smile: