Adding invoicing contact & address to the 'ip_clients'

Customers are often not the person who will receive the invoice. It would be nice to have a second identity in the ‘ip_clients’ table linking to the payer as opposed to the person placing the order (customer or contact).

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I was about to ask for something very similar:
Could there be various contacts (= persons) assigned to one customer / company?

In our case we are dealing with ~ 3-5 persons from one company (customer) who place orders and want to receive the quotations and invoices. According to their function and department in that company.
Therefore their name (/contact) would also have to be included in the invoice and quotation address.

For us the fact that this doesn’t exist or work until now keeps us from using InvoicePlane, btw.
I would be willing to donate if that would work.
thanks! :slight_smile:

I agree adding the contact info for the customer profile as most company only have the general email account for outsider communication, we need to state whom the invoice should be handled by when we send the invoice via email.

IP allow multiple login and grant the access right to the account, contact field is good to let other staffs to know the contact name of the company.

I try add the custom field and modify the template but no luck.

I create a custom field name “contact” and its variable is “client_custom_contact”, please advise how I can call back the variable in the template.

Hope IP will consider it in coming version.

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Dear Kovah,

Thanks for your reply. I followed the instruction to create the custom field but not show in the template

I added the code in application/views/quote_templates/pdf/InvoicePlane.php

if ($invoice->client_custom_contact) {
    echo '<div>' . lang('client_custom_contact') . ': ' . $invoice->client_custom_contact . '</div>';
} ?>
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