Development of InvoicePlane 2 started again

The development for InvoicePlane 2 started again but this release will differ from the announced one.

InvoicePlane 2 will be a partly-rewritten version of InvoicePlane with some new features that really need to be implemented. The new IP 2 will be based on CodeIgniter 3 so we do not have to rewrite everything and can take a lot of code directly from the ‘old’ application. But I planned to make this version much better than before.

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That is a very good news. Good job Kovah!

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customizable user roles with a lot of pre-defined permissions

Ohh, definitely looking forward to this!

Thanks heaps for your great work mate.

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That’s so good since I’m comfortable with CI. Thank you! :relaxed:

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It’s a great decision @Kovah!!! Will looking forward. If I would have more time… I could help developing. But my main job it’s to time consuming.

Definitely needed

Can we please have an expenses module. Thanks

any feedback on the expense module?