Delete the last Invoice, then discount the number of Invoice!?

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If I want to delete a Invoice then that number will loose forever and this is against with law at my country.

Can you please make a function if I delete the last invoice then program will discount the NEXT ID for invoice?

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You can always specify the ID of the next invoice.
Go to your invoice group and change “Next ID” to the number of the invoice you deleted.

Can you make it automatically subtract the next ID for (-1) if we are deleting the last one.

No, as this may cause problems with invoices that were created afterwards. Additionally, invoice deletion is not allowed in many countries.

Hi Kovah,

Then there are two request:

  1. Do not allow InvoicePlane to delete any middle invoice because that invoice number will loose forever, the invoice will be edited as much as we like.

  2. If we want to delete the last invoice then InvoicePlane will delete and then next invoice will be the same number.

With these request we will have all invoice numbers.

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Hi Kovah,

Can you please do something about it?

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If you deleted the last invoice you can reset the invoice counter manually in the invoice group.