PDF layout needs optimization in 1.4.4

I’ve updated, went very smoothly, thanks so much.

Just noticed one very slight issue - when you view an invoice or quote through the GUEST URL, the data listed under “Item, Description, Qty, Price and Total” is not centred under the headings, it is slightly off to the side. There is no issue in PDF view, just in “Guest URL” view. Is this a formatting issue that I can change somewhere?

Also, when you view a quote through “Guest URL”, the “Approve This Quote/Reject This Quote” links are text only, I could be wrong but I think they were images in the previous version?

Again, thanks so much for your wonderful work - so greatly appreciated!

Could you please post a screenshot to explain this problem?


Just to clarify, the PDF version is absolutely fine. I only have the issue when I view through “Guest URL”.

Update: Just tested in Chrome - everything is working perfectly in chrome but we have the formatting issues in Firefox. Weird.

Did you just viewed the PDF files in the browser? If yes, try viewing them after downloading them directly please to make sure it’s a Firefox-only problem.


Status: fixed :white_check_mark:

the alignment of the headings and values will be strictly set within version 1.4.5

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