Can't generate invoice PDF on 1.4.4

Hello, I have installed the new 1.4.4 version and I have a problem when I try to generate an invoice in PDF.
That is the message that I see in the screen:
An Error Was Encountered
Unable to load the requested file: invoice_templates/pdf/.php

I choosed the default template for invoices in config. I’m not having this problem with quotes.

Could you please try to put the old templates back in the templates folder and enable them?

I have done it but I’m still having the same problem. I have chosen Invoice Default in settings.
The old templates are in different colours (blue, green, etc) but i can’t see it in the config. Any idea?
Thank you.

Now I see the old templates as you said me but I choose the old default template and I’m still having the problem.

I have solved it. I chose the templates in all fields of invoices and it is working.
Thanks for your help.

Well I think the system wanted to load the template for a paid or overdue invoice. If the template is not set the PDF can’t be generated. :smile:

To clarify the fix for this:

Go to Settings (cogs in top right corner), System Settings, Invoices, under section Invoice Templates and you have to select the templates to use for you PDF Templates.

I just had this same problem and found I had to do this.