[Solved] What is the expected output from Cron URL


I can’t seem to find what the expected output will be when calling the CRON url:

When going to: for example I get a IP themed 404 (as in not an apache 404 error page)

Is this the expected result? When I look in the application/logs folder I just see a 404 after loading all the modules.



Your URL should be
(plurar invoiceS)
Then you should get an empty/white page, which would be correct.


thanks for the reply. Is it safe to assume that we can’t use a custom URL? I updated my htaccess accordingly and the site loads and seems to operate fine up to this. I followed the wiki article accordingly.


You can change the cron key in the settings (tab general). But the front part is fixed. Altough, if you know how, you can do a .htaccess redirect to the resulting URL.

No problem :wink: