Support for mutliple Currencies

Dear Kovah,

This tool is amazing and i am very grateful that you guys have made this open source.

i am planing to use this for an oil field services and supplies company in inited arab emirates, my biggest problem is that i have to deal with at least two different currency’s (USD & AED) when we deal with international companies, or sourcing equipments from an international company we have to quote in USD, but for Local Quotations it should be in AED, i have no problem with the language.

is it possible to do this ? Default Currency is AED, but to change it for specific Quotations/invoices only when needed, like when you are making the quotation is there a way to choose the currency ?

in my case, i have no requirement of online payments and stuff,


Last Update: 20.11.2017

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Does anyone know when will it be available ?

the main dev doesn’t have time to add features.

maybe you can ask help to someone here:

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Multiple currencies were planned for InvoicePlane 2 but the development was stopped recently so this feature will not be included in the near future.

I’d second that request. I just started using invoiceplane and I really like it - it’s a great tool!

I am a single entrepreneur living in the EU and one of my first customer, which does not reside in the EU expects an invoice in USD, so I need an option to choose the currency of each invoice.

What would be the best way to go about it? Could I use custom fields and/or a custom template?
If invoiceplane doesn’t have that feature out of the box, I’d be willing to get my hands dirty and hack something together, perhaps in a custom template so that it may survive a version upgrade?

I am proficient in javascript/css (but not php) and it need not to be pretty.

What would you advise?

Take care,

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Hello MDK,

i couldn’t get it done, since the development team is busy with other developments this feature won’t be available any soon, so i had to replace my invoicing system with a very similar alternative and it will cost you couple of bucks but it still supports multiple currencies.

and there is a second option. you can hire a developer to make that feature for you which in invoicePlane, there was a developer who was on this forum and he offered me that he will be able to do it but at that time i have already bought the alternative version.

please let me know what happens…

Wish you good luck.


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Hi Thisara,

thanks for your feedback!
Do you mind telling me with which solution you settled and how much it cost?

If it’s self hosted I am willing to spend a few bucks, although it would need to be rather inexpensive as I am sadly no oil firm. :wink:

Thanks a lot!

Take care,

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wait - my googlefu brought me to - I bet your talking about this.
I tried the demo and it has the option to select currencies, thanks for the hint!

Take care,

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Dear MDK,

Yes, fusininvoice is what i use now, hope you have found out the cost already, i was told by a invoice plane member that fusion invoice also was a fork of invoice plane but then they went in a separate direction and they are no more open source.

if you would like to try fusion invoice please e mail me -

Just to clarify: InvoicePlane is the official successor of the first version of FusionInvoice that was an open source project two years ago.
The second version of FusionInvoice that is now offered is a commercial product.

Hi Kovah,
Hi Thisara,

I’ve bought & installed FusionInvoice as well and I am currently evaluating both! :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your help and your replies!

Take care,

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This multi-currency issue is quite important!

You should prioritize this implementation…

BTW, I’ve just installed it and I have to congratulate you for the work done so far :smile:

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I hope it can be done