Reports - Missing Invoices

everything was going well, but we have started noticing that the Report
is skipping invoices and some are missing. Looked into log and this is what it shows:

Is it possibly related to the mpdf.php file that was replaced via the report fix?

We are experiencing the same. We started using Invoice Plane in production since 20th Oct 2016, and today when auditing we found out that some invoices were not generated at all. Its like those invoices were never create hence do not exist, and the near next invoice number was generated.

I wonder why this is happening, I even checked the database and even there those certain invoices we found were not generated and skipped.

Please can someone point out why this must be causing of if its a bug.

@miroliwosz Could youz re-upload the logs elsewhere? The pasteee link you provided was deleted.

I tried to enable debug mode referring to this wiki article however, I am unable to find this line in the /index.php as mentioned in the article “IP_DEBUG=true”

I am using v1.4.8