Invoices not saving

I am running 1.2 and am having trouble getting the invoices to save. After entering new items, I have to hit save, then refresh the page(F5) in order to get the changes to reflect. No errors show, but also the success message doesn’t appear until I refresh. Can someone point me in the right direction to resolve this?

Many Thanks!

Open the error console of your browser (instructions for Chrome, Firefox) and look if there are any errors displayed after hitting the save button and so on.
If there are any errors please enter them here.

I’m not showing any errors. It is also not refreshing the page when deleting a payment from the ‘View Payments’ tab. Thanks

Do you have access to the server logs? Maybe this could help.

I was looking at the wrong system, here is the log file from the application folder

log.txt (1.6 MB)

Can’t find anything in the logs… :disappointed:
@Jadaw1n could you take a look?

Just a few questions:

  • which OS is hosting the app?
  • which PHP / Apache version do you use?
  • do you use Cloudflare?

The last user with a similar problem had CloudFlare activated, which destroyed our Javacript (by “optimising” it). If you have any optimisation settings somewhere enabled, please turn them off for now (so we can eliminate sources of error).

Hostgator- Linux
PHP 5.4.35
Apache 2.2.26

I verified that CloudFlare is off. It doesn’t bother me much to refresh the page after changes but it’s driving my sales folks mad. Is there a temporary solution that you can think of, that would make it easier for them? Thanks Again!

Not really no… Except you could overwrite all existing files with the original files (don’t forget to backup the database.php and pdf templates). Or better, update to the newest version^^

If that doesn’t help I could look at it over Teamviewer if you like.

hello, I too have the same problem.
I disabled cloudflare (this created problems) but whenever I add, remove something, I have to refresh the page manually, do not understand what could be.
thank you

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I had actually coded in to refresh when saved as a way to get around this issue but it only worked about 80% of the time. I recently updated to 1.2 and the problem went away, no extra coding needed. Which version are you running?

Hi, I use the version: 1.2.1_it
Every time you save something, you do not update automatically, I have to refresh the page to see the changes directly.

Which browser do you use? You have to open the JavaScript Console (google it for your browser), try to save again and the console should display the error - and that’s what we need right here.

Hi! did you create a payment method? If not this could result in this behaviour!


I’ve issue pressing all the option buttons in all view.

es. Create new invoice (i press and nothing happen) …

the only thing work everytime is View invoices … then nothing :frowning:

Can be the same problem?

Same as for levert90: “You have to open the JavaScript Console (google it for your browser), try to save again and the console should display the error - and that’s what we need right here.”

Most of the buttons try to load something via JavaScript so please post the error that is shown.

Sorry for the wait …

Chrome says:

 Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token ILLEGAL                            dashboard:44

and if I press on dashboard:44 it show me

same issue here. no error in the console. Chrome49/Linux Mint 17.3
Uüpdate: even the PDF needs a refresh to update (the amount of items in my case)

i have error in console in my browser firefox
Error: Permission denied to access property “toString”
…dChild(b);if(a){var c=0;(function(){if(typeof a.GetVariable!=aq){var e=a.GetVari…
vast-rt…4366310 (line 1, col 2702)
Error: Permission denied to access property “toString”