Template html to pdf

How come that the html-template is not the same when it’s converted to pdf?

for example: i changed the font-size and it’s changed in the html but not after pdf_create(…)

it’s actually a wrong question.

better: why does the html-template differs so much after conversion to pdf?

Because its a PDF that was converted into letter format by the PDF engine.
We will use another engine in one of the next versions because the current one seems to be not the best solution.

Ok thanks!

Does anyone has a professional template i can start with?

can you recommend another engine? which one?

Sadly there are not much templates jet in the community.

You can’t change the engine on your own, it’s built into the core.

In another project i’ve used “htmldoc” but thats just for plain text.

I did find an interesting template on the mpdf-site. I think i’m gonna try that one.

after investigating “MPDF”, i must change my opinion and admit that it has lot’s of possibilities.
I think it’s a good engine.