HTML Email Template

It is useful or not for client?
give your opinion please?
so, I can make it better…

and also your Skype id if have…

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maybe with a screenshot or two you can get some feedback without the need of “installing” it

and How its look!


Can you share source?

You mean the source code in his original post? It was right there…

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I’ve created my html email template. But when I send the email, the html code does not appear. The textarea where it should load this is empty.

You can save html code, but then you can not send it. Any ideas?.

How can textarea load html template?

Same problem here. same here… but no feedback… makes it impossible to use html templates :confused:


I’ve suggested a fix for the next release (
Works perfectly for me :slight_smile:


Hi all,

This issue seems to live on. I’m running 1.5.9 on PHP 7.2.23.

I made an email template with the neccesary code to have a clean and responsive layout. Find the template here;

The problem is that i can save the template and assigne it to the invoice, but when i send out an invoice the text area of the email template is empty in the send screen.

In version 1.5.9 the quotes are not there so i don’t need to remove anything like discussed in in topic Email template for quotes is not working on 1.5.x

Even the changes that are discussed in IP-543 didn’t do the job. Changed row 49 to “.text”

Does anybody knows what i missed or do else to solve this issue?

Thanks in advanced!

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Hmm i was fiddling with this just now.

First of i have yet to use email function in IP1 so…

But i would expect the system to email when i change status of invoice to send… This didn’t work for me. When i then choice option send email yes there is a selector for template but it does not seem to do anything. The field below there (same as template fields) is what it takes if i paste the template in there the email arrives with content.

So I suspect the template is only used in auto emailing (reminders and paid) the send email option from invoice line is not using the template.

I am unsure if this is by design or not i am blind since wiki is down and i can’t have a look at manuals.

Ps. kan i include the template in the github Repository ?

Have a look at the recent initiative to share templates.

You are confusing me ? :stuck_out_tongue: thats why i was asking to include them in github ?

Sorry for the confusion people.

After i started a new browser and cleared all of the data i was able to use the template, so everybody who has the same issue, please try to clear cache and cookies in your browser before you try it again.

I have the exact same issue, restarting clearing browser and cache using another device didn’t help. Any ideas why?

don’t paste the entire html template in that textarea, it will not work.
Take a look at how the demo does it and adjust accordingly

Hi @LuigiTheHunter

Please make sure you are not using any cache modules on your webserver.

Thanks for the answer. I did not post the entire html in it. Thanks i was already looking for a demo on this do you mean I will try to have a look into that. Thanks!

Thanks for the answer, I already tried restarting the whole webserver. Which unfortunately didn’t work…

Problem exists :confused: