HTML Email Template


Here i have email template source code.
copy this code in body field in email templates tab in invoice plane.

Source Code link:

Template Sharing

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It is useful or not for client?
give your opinion please?
so, I can make it better…

and also your Skype id if have…


maybe with a screenshot or two you can get some feedback without the need of “installing” it


and How its look!


Can you share source?


You mean the source code in his original post? It was right there…


I’ve created my html email template. But when I send the email, the html code does not appear. The textarea where it should load this is empty.

You can save html code, but then you can not send it. Any ideas?.

How can textarea load html template?


Same problem here.

#11 same here… but no feedback… makes it impossible to use html templates :confused:



I’ve suggested a fix for the next release (
Works perfectly for me :slight_smile: