InvoicePlane could not create Invoice

I just try out InvoicePlane version 1.4.3, installation interface is simple and clear enough but after the installation I find the could not create invoice issue, and after google search it seems this software is used to refuse with creating invoice (lot of this topic) and seems no one has a final solution, so I hope this post could help other testing InvoicePlane too.

Apache 2.2

Tuning on the debug log level first by setting the value of $config[‘log_threshold’] from 0 to 2,
in ~/application/config/config.php
after that you could tail the /application/logs/log-(replace_by_your_debug_date).php

in my saturation I find one line of LOG saying;
Query error: Incorrect integer value: ‘’ for column ‘payment_method’ at row 1

so I inspect my MySQL table with phpMyAdmin and find the ‘payment_method’ in ip_invoices table, from the above Error Log it is appearance InvoicePlane want to insert an empty value ‘’ to the field payment_method but payment_method is a type of integer so caused the Error, so finally I changed the field attribute to Text and then the issue gone.

Remark: I could not sure the way will influence the further operation or not but at lease it could create invoice immediate.


My error seems to be different since it’s with the JavaScript modal which is not opening.


What exactly the Error ?

I tried to enable Compression support from config.php also caused clicking the button do not has any respond.
If you are the same symptom please try do not enable Compression support and test again.

i already found my error i had a lost comma that was doing nothing in the code along with a invoice command lol…

Apparently this is still happening on 1.4.5. Just made a plain install with new database and all and i can replicate the error.

in 1.4.6_IT this is still happening, apparently on all popups where there is the green “OK”, wheter i’m creating an invoice or adding tax to it it does plain nothing. If i click on “cancel” it’s ok. How can i debut this?

that seems relevant in the logs:

Query error: Field ‘invoice_tax_rate_amount’ doesn’t have a default value

I did create a tax voice for italian VAT, i select it, but even if i tell the popup to put the tax either after or before the item taxes clicking the apply (or ok, i don’t know the original english text) does nothing.

While, when creating an invoice from scratch, the green button simply does nothing, and i don’t find any relevant error in the logs.

I am able to create an invoice only duplicating an existing one and editing it’s content.