Bitpay payment gateway

I wanted to reply to the topic Payment gateway other than PayPal but I didn’t feel comfortable reviving a second topic this week :smile:

Since development of IPv2 was stopped, are there any plans to integrate BitPay payment processor in v1? Is seems they have done some good integrations so far and have some code libraries handy.

I’m not a coder but I’m willing to help in any way I can to reach that goal.

  1. Is there any interest for such a thing?
  2. Is there anyone willing to guide those interested?

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If BitPay is not available as a Omnipay extension it will not be integrated.

Edit: yes it is but must be implemented on your own via command line.

Kovah, do you mean that IP v1 is based on Omnipay or it will be?

Could you please give me some more information, or point me to any documents that describe how to implement Omnipay extension to IP?

I think for the next version of InvoicePlane I will not provide any interface to include other Omnipay gateways as this may be a little bit difficult. But when it’s possible I will add a guide to the documentation.

Yes, please do add the guide whenever is the right time. Don’t forget that we’re here to help. I or someone else might be able to add code for the new gateways :smile:

@Kovah I found some new gateways in Omnipay that I would like to integrate in IP. Did you add the guide to the documentation? Because I’ve searched the Wiki and didn’t find anything. Could you give me some general guidelines so I won’t be searching in the dark?

There is currently no guide on how to implement new gateways because there is no easy-going mechanism for that. At the moment oyu would have to modify core files.
I added a new issue for that: