How Can I Disable Quotes?

Is it possible to remove/disable Quotes information on the dashboard? I am only interested in Invoices.

You could add

#panel-quote-overview { display: none; }

to the custom.css file located at /assets/default/css/custom.css

This will remove the overview panel from the dashboard.

I was able to remove the quote panels (both quotes overview & recent quotes) but I’d like to remove the top and side menu items that link to the quotes sections. Where should I edit these files?

In that case you have to edit the following file:
Remove the <li class="dropdown">...</li> that holds the quote content. It’s at about line 112.
Remove the <li><a href="...</a></li> that holds the quote content. It’s at about line 223.


And how to remove Create Quote in Quick Actions on dashboard?

Thank you

Add this to /assets/default/css/custom.css:

.create-quote { display: none !important; }

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Strange…the “create-quote” line doesn’t remove the quick action item for me. I will also need to remove the Quotes item on the “Settings” menu.