Multilanguage for invoice

I need to explain a little what I want to do:

  1. The application language is setup to romanian.
  2. The customer A language is english
  3. Customer B language is romanian.
    When I create an invoice for customer A the invoice should be in english. When I create the invoice for the B customer the invoice is in romanian. The language of the company that generates the invoice is always english.
    Is this possible?
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I’d like this as well. I use IP and invoices are in Greek. But in some cases I need to invoice customers in other EU countries. These invoices need to be in English.

In version 1.5.4 there is a language setting in each client which works quite nicely. There are some problems though:

  1. My company’s details (address, city etc) are in Greek and I need to temporarily change them to English to issue the invoice in English. It would be nice if there was a second field for each piece of information (address, city, etc) for the English language
  2. It would be super cool if we could have a dual-language setting for custom fields as well.