Recurring Invoice URL Is Wrong


My first batch of InvoicePlane recurring invoices just went out. Unfortunately it sent out everyone an invoice link of

Why did that happen? I went to the web portal and re-sent the invoices by hand and the URL was fine without making any changes on my end.

The only issue I can come up with off the top of my head is maybe it’s because I set up the cron job to hit where my web browser is accessing my real billing portal URL?

Any suggestions would be appreciated, this will take me a lot of time to test and replicate and it would be best if I could just try to fix it for next month.


Did you test it with a real url? Or do you only access your system via localhost (

Hello Kovah,

Yes my billing system has a real URL and when I send the invoices manually by hand, the real URL seems to go out. It is only the recurring invoices which are being emailed with the wrong (localhost) URL.

Then please use the real URL for the cron.

Hello Kovah,

Basically that is the confirmation I was looking for - that the cron URL used can impact the invoices.

I will update the cron job. I just wanted some confirmation so I have at least a good chance that the wrong links won’t be sent again next month.