Role-based access control (RBAC)

Hi, @Kovah

im goin to add the Ion Auth from Code Igniter and see how i get my way around it.

i’ll try to keep you updated on my progress and will let you know what i get as result.


Do you think it can work perfectly?

Have you tried using it?

I have no idea as I don’t know how Ion Auth is working. But I think it will be not a single-click installation. A lot of functions depend on the current role system.

What role system is the IP core using right now?

I think it’s a custom built system. I mean… there are no “roles” at the moment. Just two different user types but I wouldn’t call this a role.

Hi smora,
I want to use ion Auth too, what was your result?

havent had lots of time to look into it @fco.salazar