Pre-sales question: Multiple companies and multiple admin/user


We’re exploring self-hosted InvoicePlane option. Is there a whitelabel option available? We want to provide our clients a service such that we can create multiple companies, each company with their own admin & user accounts, for each company create their own customer lists and customize invoice templates for each company. Few questions:

  1. Is it possible to create multiple companies and separate admins for each company account?

  2. Is it possible to create guest user accounts for each company such that customers can view their invoices online.

  3. When creating different companies and respective admins, we hope each company admin will be able to view only their respective company records. And not have visibility to all records [even of other companies].

  4. Email customization - sender to be the respective admin of each company.

If the above is not possible, do we have to then create separate instances for each company. We may then explore as an alternative?

Appreciate clarification.


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  1. No, you can only use InvoicePlane for multiple companies if you set up the application separately for each company. Different directories and different databases are needed.
  2. Yes, InvoicePlane has client accounts that can only view their invoices and so on.
  3. See 1.
  4. You can set up one email account InvoicePlane is sending from.


is there a way of creating more user roles?

I need a role in-between Admin and Guest e.g Manager that can create invoices, quotes etc but cannot delete them without being admin? Basically removing the delete functionality and restricting access to settings as well. This is intended to stop fraud and protect integrity of business.

if not… is there a way to at least grey those buttons (delete and settings out for a particular user?)

Also is there a way of moving the invoice details further down the an a4 paper as it is currently too close to the header of a letter head paper.

Many thanks

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Do you found solution for this? I need same thing, please contact me to email:

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I do not have any information about it.

There won’t be any news on this because making InvoicePlane a real multi-company app would require a lot of the app to be changed and currently nobody has time for this.
Also, I’m not sure if IP should be modified to match these requirements as it is intended to act as a single-user or single-company application. See

Since something like described I need to fit my requirements in project I’m working on, I’m going to implement this option, so if any free developer is able to work with me together that will be great since it will decrease progress time.

So just reply on this topic if there is someone interested…

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@Developers @Contributors anyone? :slight_smile:

I can definitely help coding roles/privileges (starting from august though) since I’m highly interested in such a feature as well.

However, I can’t promise I’ll help coding the companies/departments features as I don’t like it all. I guess I have same usage as you OP and I prefer to isolate companies with seperate subdomains and seperate files/databases. You will need to consider the fact that different companies may have way different preferences/settings/templates/etc. Code would be unnecessarly messy imho.
I like it clean and simple. It’s technically better on a security aspect as well.
I’m open to discussion.

Just wondering if any developers have taken on the multiple company addition to Invoice Plane? I would really like to see this implemented - it’s currently in FusionInvoice but I moved away from that because I liked how Invoice Plane worked/how it looked.

Multi-company is unlikely to be implemented. See the other posts about that.