Full background image and new arrange


I just want it to share the new template I’m using, I used a css code to have a full page image with top and bottom it was pretty hard, I still have problems with the quote is to large and have to be two pages but it is useful now, I hope you like it!.


Template code

Here is the image size I used for the template (I couldn’t add the image so just change the / to fondo.jpg)

The template code file is empty.

I just added a link to the code itself, I change it to be displayed.

If i use your’e code … the pdf invoice will crash :wink: … just blank.

Both the links to the [quote=“SOAD1982, post:1, topic:1594”]
[/quote] and [quote=“SOAD1982, post:1, topic:1594”]
Template code

are broken. Please update them.