Retainer / Prepaid / Deposits / Credit balance for Invoices

I’ve had some clients who effectively want to prepay me for my work. Currently the is no mechanism to allow me to do so (and least not in the system).

A new feature would be the ability to add credit to a client’s account and then enter payments using that credit as a payment option,


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Last Update: 2017-11-28

in /application/modules/payments/models/mdl_payments.php

‘payment_amount’ => array(
‘field’ => ‘payment_amount’,
‘label’ => lang(‘payment’),
‘rules’ => ‘required|callback_validate_payment_amount’

change to

‘payment_amount’ => array(
‘field’ => ‘payment_amount’,
‘label’ => lang(‘payment’),
‘rules’ => ‘required’

@Repair_I_T Does your method allow us to add a payment larger than that due by the client?

By the way: the fix by @Repair_I_T does not solve the problem but deactivates the proper validation for invoice amounts which is not recommended. Any support for such fixes will be rejected. :warning:

Ok. Never mind then :’-)

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