Item gets double while clicking "save" button in quote

when we create a quote and save it but after that if we change something in it and after that again save it, then all the items in quote will get doubled.

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Same Issue… Any help?

any solution for this?
waiting since long time.

or can i downgrade to last version, that version didn’t have this issue,its very annoying, we must have to delete the invoice / quote and recreate for editing anything.

Downgrading also not working.
the error is still same. please help anyone.

Please follow the instructions in the FAQ for errors in your application.

in application/logs, it shows only this

<title>403 Forbidden</title>

<p>Directory access is forbidden.</p>


( * ) is only for displaying codes, its not there in index.html file.

and logs folder has 777 permission ( so is index.html inside , which had 755 originally, but i tried by changing it to 777, but still no success)

any solution for this?
i have tried fresh installation, but having same problem

Does the problem persist when you reload the quote after the first save?

No, if i add 2 items in quote and save it, after 1st time save if i changes something in item specs or prices and save again, it will create duplicate items i.e total 4 items in quote.

Could you please make sure that

  • ad and script blocker are disabled for your InvoicePlane instance
  • there are no error logs in the console after you saved the quote (turn on debug mode before)

If nothing helps, post more information about your web hosting and your browser.