Font size PDF Invoice/Qoute

Hi Guys,

Wonderful work you’re doing here. I just started using invoiceplane and it’s frickin’ awsome.

I do have a question regarding the pdf output.

when i put 2 or more products with some description text on the invoice , due to the size of the font , the invoice becomse so big it overflows to the second page.

Is it possible to make the font dynamic (one page fit) or make the font size for terms and footer smaller.

Also (off topic) there is a issue when using the {{{invoice_status}}} in email. When receiving email status shows up blank.

Thanks in advance!

Hmm I don’t think that it’s possible to make the font size of the PDF dynamic based on the content. At least I haven’t found anything related in the mPDF docs.

I too would love to adjust this. I have a LOT of terms on my invoices so I need to just adjust the form’s font size in a few places. I tell you what would be helpful is a list of the css values translated into where everything is in the document so we can see where the css values get assigned. Basically, in Firefox, I just use firebug to see what the CSS name is and adjust from there. But in this case it’s a PDF so I can’t see that information.

Great System by the way, I love it!

OK , So dynamic fit is not possible at this moment as i understand.

But what about making the sizes for items, terms , footer manually adjustable from the menu.

I would even settle for just smaller font size. :smile:

No, we will not include any options regarding the templates styles in the menu as you can manually edit all styles by adding overrides in the file assets/default/css/custom.css

I understand,

Can you perhaps provide me with a helping hand with custom.css regarding the size of invoice terms and footer.

if they can be the half of the size ther are now i would be so happy :smile:



I just upgraded to the latest invoiceplane version.

But where do i need to add my custom-pdf.css and custom.css files?

As they don’t work in this folder anymore. -> /assets/invoiceplane/css

Any help will appreciated.

Hi ,

You can find them here :

Then you should have both css files.
if you don’t have them you can just create both :


They are both empty.

hi Webtica!

Thanks, just tried it but the css won’t kick in… :s has worked before.

Do i do something wrong in the new version.

terms & con. text here

in the custom-pdf.css file assets/core/css i have this line added.
invoice-terms {font-weight: normal; font-style: italic; font-size: 81%; color: # 888;}

Same as before… but the pdf output shows the ->

it seems if it doens’t read the custom-pdf.css file anymore?

Basically the html code, keeps visible in the footer of the pdf. How come the css don’t work anymore in the latest version?

The custom-pdf.css ist working perfectly fine for me.
Adding .invoice-details td {font-size: 5pt;} to the file gave me this result: a very small font size.

The only thing that did not work was styling the invoice terms. But this seems to be a problem with the PDF engine used as the terms are handled by the engine in a specific way. Will have a look at that.

Hi Kovah,

Thank you for your response.
Yes it’s in the terms, that it doens’t work. And this has worked in the older version just fine.