Create statement for customer

It would be nice to have this:
Create statement for each customer as pdf and send it to the customer.
The statement can have from date to this date and account balance for each invoice.



Last Update: 08.08.2015

Like this one?

I cannot access the development, but what is needed is a monthly scheduled “statement of accounts” that sends a friendly statement of what we show as still marked as unpaid. The difference between a “statement” and an invoice “reminder” is that a statement is much less focused on a particular invoice (and shows all open invoices), and is meant to help reconcile the books, while an invoice reminder focuses on the lack of payment for an invoice and makes the assumption that our books are correct, and the client just hasn’t paid.
While this may almost always be the case, making the assumption puts the client in less of a “partner” category and more of a “client/vendor” category, and most of use do not want to just be considered just a “vendor”.


I have a working version of statements, but it a hack for my own purposes.

I have only this week created a project to move my code onto its own module. I am finding my way around the source tree and should have some progress to show in the next few weeks.