We are searching for Partners for Hosting

Dear InvoicePlane community,

InvoicePlane is used by thousands of companies all around the world. Now we want to go a step further and offer managed hosting of the InvoicePlane software to interested companies and freelancers.

As there is no time for InvoicePlane itself to offer hosting of the software and the support we would like to outsource this task to other companies that are already familiar with hosting.
To clarify: these companies should offer hosting of the InvoicePlane software (SaaS) to interested companies or freelancers.
We already link to a couple of companies from our Hosting page.

:warning: Caution! We are not searching for hosting providers for the InvoicePlane website itself!

###Requirements for Partners

We want to list you or your company as a qualified partner directly on our homepage. But before you can get on the page we will test the quality of your hosting service service. We want to ensure that we redirect interested people only to partners we trust and that maintain a high quality customer support.
There no strict requirements on how you offer the software. You can use an automated system but could also install the software manually for your customers. Also the pricing is completely up to you.

###Want to jump in?

–Please fill out this form to apply for a partnership.–

We corrently do not accept any new applications.

Kovah Hello , I am interested in participating in the offer. I own web hosting for seven years. I offer you my bussiness like a partner of invoice plane, but in spanish support, i have use invoice plane in my site too.

Hola Kovah, estoy interesado en participar de la la oferta. Soy dueño de una empresa de alojamiento web desde hace siete años . Puedo ofrecerle mi negocios como un socio de Invoice Plane con soporte en español , uso Invoice Plane en mi sitio también.

I’m in Australia and have tried heaps of Hosting companies, by far the best I have ever tried due to their services and customer support (which is the best support I’ve gotten from any online server ANYWHERE) is Panthur (https://www.panthur.com.au).

I’ve laid the seed for them to get on board with this. We’ll see what comes of it.


Im also interested in hosting

@DataAssociate Please fill out the form mentioned above.

Any news about this?

Are you planing to get in contact with all those who have filled the form, evevn if you’re not going to “choose” them? It would be nice to let us know eitherway… :smile:

Sure, there are some open applications at the moment but I couldn’t find any time for this in the past weeks.
Please be patient.

Svaash Softronix is a high-tech company that provides advanced software
outsourcing services and web hosting to its global clients and I would like to take this
opportunity to introduce Svaash and our services to you.
Svaash Softronix,

Hi kovah,

Yes, I’m interested too. Please let me know more information.



What must one do to be a partner

As written in the first post you should fill out an application form.

Just did…

I’m not associated with them (just a customer), but I’ve found the level of support I’ve received from Nixihost.com to be top quality.

Yes are keen to know your offering. We have data centers in India and wants to become your partner.

I have datacenter in Panama, Central America.

Please apply via the form that is linked above. Thanks.

@ricohidc @Manuel_Cabrera