Hide zero values in quotes and invoices

Is it possible to hide zero values in quotes and invoices ?
I sometimes need to list a series of different items ending with one last row containing global cost of all the items listed above (and including a global installation cost) without cost of each item being listed separately.
I can easily do this in invoiceplane but it is annoying that all separate items are printing out zero item cost and zero total cost…
For me hiding zero values would be a great addition !

Is this possible and if so, how do I achieve this ?

where do you want to hide zero values? In the edit screen or in the PDFs?

Hello Kovah,

Thanks for the question, mine was incomplete…

Would love to see the zero values hidden in the PDF’s as this is a document we send to our customer…

No problem if they show in the edit screen, this is just for internal use…

Well, simply add a PHP if statement to the template that checks if the amounts is zero and does not display it then.

OK, thx, will have a look at this ! Not a programmer but it should not be too tough I guess :wink:

Did already have a solution? Mine programming skills also are not the best :wink:

I am not sure if this is the right place but my question is the same as in this topic: Hide zero values in quotes and invoices

Is this simple to realize?


Please do not create multiple threads for the same topic.

Sorry, won’t happen again :wink: