Calculate inclusive or exclusive VAT

Hello! Is there a way to add VAT to a product but dont calculate it on the final price? so you add the VAT and it shows it in the final. But the balance is the same as subtotal. I want a way to chose if calculate products inclusive VAT or exclusive VAT as its now.

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You would have to tweak the item calculation for that but for which scenario would this be helpful?

Because maybe you want to show the final price including taxes in the a price. Because when you go to a store and see prices the price that you see is the final price you pay for a specific product. But when you get the bill the tax is specified but not added above the price. It’s include.
Is this maybe something you can add on next version? So when I create a new invoice I can select if the tax is included or it should calculate taxes above the price as its now.

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Has this been made possible yet?

No, it wasn’t included until now.

I’d like to ask if this topic has already been worked on.
Right now it would make it impossible for me to use Invoiceplance, since there’s a strict end-user price rule in germany, which states that all prices communicated to end users have to be “including” tax. So I sell you an item for 99€. And this is what has to be on the invoice, and the taxes must be shown included in that price.