Automatic Tasks and Reminders

I’ve been considering adding the ability to Invoice Plane to do the following:

  • Automatically send invoices when a flag is set. (A new status may be the best way to go - Draft, COMPLETE, Sent, etc. COMPLETE would flag it as ready to be emailed)
  • Automatically send a reminder x days prior to the invoices due date if unpaid.
  • Automatically send a reminder every x days that an invoice goes past the due date as unpaid.
  • Automatically add a late fee / service charge (calculate higher of a fixed dollar amount or % of principle invoice amount) every x days an invoice goes past the due date as unpaid.

The only core PHP script that may be need modifying is the one for the cron job for recurring invoices (just makes since for this to be handle in the same manor). Other modifications would be additional fields to the invoice table to check when the last messages were sent.

Now here’s the crux of my problem… While I can modify the version of Invoice Plane I have, it’s been my experience that customizing open source software prevents me from updating/upgrading. And that is why I’m opting to enter this in as a feature request as opposed to doing it myself.

Any thoughts on this?


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Last Update: 05.06.2018

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Hi mrgronlund,

I needed some of these features myself, especially the reminders.
Maybe one of these days I will start working on it, need to figure out how to it keep easy (interface based) and at the same time keep it flexible for multiple purposes.

Will let you know if I have more

Great stuff! Would be a nice thing to have. It would also be nice to have a checkbox (or other way of enabling it) to mark a client “okay for automatic sending of recurring invoices”. This way some recurring invoices can be dealt with automatically and others have to stay in draft mode to allow a review.

This would definitely be useful.

I agree with Laurens! This would be an excellent feature but it would be great to be able to choose only specific invoices to be automatically sent :smile:! It would REALLY help with recurring invoices - I always seem to forget to manually send them out!:sweat_smile:

As Mike suggests, reminders after (x) days are useful not only for Invoices, but for Quotations also if you want to send a notification to the customer e.g. “act soon - your quotation expires”.

Clearly Invoiceplane is not a CRM but with a few additions it will make it perfect for basic CRM usage. Right now i use separately InvoicePlane and an external crm just to have the reminders functionality - if i had reminders from InvoicePlane i would completely get rid of the crm.

One thing I really miss within InvoicePlane is the ability to send automatic reminders for unpaid invoices (and being able to keep track on when and how often the reminders have been sent).

Now, I know that this feature request already exists here: Reminders for overdue invoices

My question is: is this under consideration? The thread is closed with a link to itself, which does not really make sense. What does that mean? I also noticed that there are several other feature request threads, that are closed with a link to themselves.

@fritzmg Moved your post to this topic.
Also updated the link in your mentioned thread and this actual topic.

It’s planned for InvoicePlane 2.

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