[Poll] Moving the InvoicePlane Wiki to Confluence

Hello Community!
It’s been some time since I finally made it to set up the current wiki and added all pages.
A week ago I decided to move the development wiki to Confluence, a powerful documentation / collaboration system from Atlassian. We got a unlimited open source license which means we can fully use the system without any restrictions.

###So, why move the general wiki to Confluence?
The answer is pretty simple: Confluence would make administration easier and more people could work on the wiki without any knowledge of HTML, Git or whatever: the system is powered by a WYSIWYG editor that really impressed me.
Another pro is the integration into our bug tracker which works without any problems. This means you only have to sign up once for the bug tracker, the general wiki and the development wiki and maybe other services that may be available in the future?!

###Are there any cons?
The only one I can think of is, that Confluence is not open source itself. I know that some people already shared their thoughts about this topic; using non-open-source software to manage an open source system. The only big problem is that in my opinion there is no really good wiki / documentation software our there that offers the same features.

I know, MediaWiki is a powerful system and Wikipedia uses it. But this doesn’t mean that it’s the perfect system for us and I already worked with the system and it’s configuration and administration is a pain in the neck.

But maybe you have another idea what could be used. Share your thoughts in the comments.

###So, what do you think?

  • Move to Confluence
  • Choose another software (see my comment)
  • Stay with the current system

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Hm. MediaWiki is a pain in the neck, yes. I use DokuWiki, as it is not using a database, straight forward and easy to use. Only drawback is - there is no WYSIWIG editor. It’s kind of markdown syntax, but easier than MediaWiki.

Hmm… not a huge fan of Confluence so far. We use it in our company but I can’t find anything. The UX is pretty bad tho. :frowning:

Hello, I am new to invoice plane and am about to move myself over to using it as my live invoicing system I am extremely happy it exists, I am a very small business but if invoice plane succeeds at being good free software and a functional system for me I will end up donating I had donated to simple invoices previously, I take Free Software fairly seriously for many reasons technical and ethically speaking. The choice of wiki will not effect my choice in using invoice plane but I strongly suggest a open source option still. there are a grand array of wiki systems for open source moinmoin has wysiwyg. I used to be employed for a accounting/business management software company called windward software for many years(proprietary), yet they used doku wiki for its simplicity and ease of teaching novice computer users.