Add item "tax stamp"

Hello, you can enter the item tax stamp? The tax stamp is not a percentage but it is a cost that we insert in the invoice (eg. 2€) that is calculated in the total as to pay to the customer.
It could work with the “Tax”, but you have to give me the opportunity to remove the percentage.

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I don’t quite understand what you want to achieve. You want to add a single amount (2€) to the invoice without using any taxes, right?

Hi Kovah,

I’m sorry if I have not explained well,
the fact is that in every country we have different laws, which is why you can not fully understand.

if my invoice I have to enter only a single product, such as “consulting” 100 €

In addition to the tax which in our country is called IVA (VAT),
we should also add the cost of the stamp.
(if you want to get an idea, these)

we should charge this stamp to our customer.


Hi, did you solved this problem?

A simple solution would be to have this kind of tax as a pre-configured product and simply add it in your invoice.
In that case, you would also need to use tax per invoice item instead of tax per invoice so that you would avoid adding additional tax to this item too.

I think you have my own problem: i need to add 2 euro tax (marca da bollo) after 4% tax (rivalsa).
I solved problem adding both 2 euro and 4% in pdf template generator. In this way i also have discount calculation before adding 4%.