Dynamic Variables for Month & Year

Not sure if it already exists and I missed the documentation, but I wanted to put in a request for dynamic variables for month and year.

I am looking to set up recurring invoices and need to show month and year in the “Item” or “Description” of the invoice. For example, I set up a recurring invoice for the 1st of every month and if I put in the dynamic variable [month] [year] it will show August 2015 (assuming the recurring invoice was automatically created on August 1, 2015).

Can this be added to the list of features requested by the community? If so, when can something like this be added and an update pushed out?


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As far as I know, it’s not possible without modifications.

You can do this by using a custom invoice template and placeholders in your items. You have to replace these placeholders in your template using something like str_replace

Hi grhawkings,

Today I had the same issue, I wanted to create a recurring invoice with an item description with a replaceable variable.
In my case, I wanted something like: Hosting for example.com, until August {{{nextYear}}}

So I build this feature :smile:
It’s easy to add {{{year}}} and {{{month}}}

If you’re still interested, please let me know so I can add these 2 variables as well.
My fork is: https://github.com/aalwash/InvoicePlane


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Hi aalwash,

Apologies for the delay in responding. I hadn’t checked back on my post and just saw your response.

I’m definitely still interested as this will help me greatly in setting up my recurring invoices and not having to worry about manually placing the month and year in the line item/description area each time.

I’m not too technical, do I just need to download your .zip from github and replace certain files?

@aalwash already committed his changes. The feature will be available in version 1.5.0

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You either wait for version 1.5 or you use the development branch (risky, but good enough for testing purposes)

Got it! Thanks aalwash for committing those changes!

It’ll probably be easiest for me to wait for the next version. Looking forward to it.

Shit. :slight_smile: I implemented this feature by my own some months ago… I would have to read earlier. Good to know this feature will be included in 1.5

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I think this feature should also be implemented in the email templates as well. Specially useful for email subject field.

Agreed. Having a “Month” variable available for email templates would be very useful.

I saw that there were discussions about implementing month & year dynamic variables to invoice item fields. however, I think it should be applied to the email subject section as well. That way anyone receiving the email would immediately know which month this invoice is related to. this is really useful if the services are time-sheet based or hosting related.

Currently only the {{{invoice_number}}} variable works with the email subject field. I’ve used other variables (invoice_created, invoice_date, month, year) but none worked. Is there a way to add the invoice month and year in to the email subject field?

Hi Kovah,

Is this feature available in the new IP1.5.4 version?