When copying invoices the status readonly and sent is copied too

This way you get a locked new invoice and cant do anything with it.

Does somebody have quick idea?

Could you share some more information: what is the state of the base invoice and which items contains it?

The status is a Testrecord with 0 Amount and status paid/readonly (for testing purposes)
It contains 1 item with amount 0 and 1 piece

Hmm okay, maybe because of the 0 amount…?!

I have the same issue.
Instead of using the “reoccuring” option I rather like to copy a previous invoice manually.
Hence the invoice I use to copy is paid already, IP also copies the status ‘paid’. The item is locked and I need to dig into the myAdmin to erase the “isreadonly” field of that item in order to make it writeable again.

This can be avoided by changing the status immediately after copying, before saving. However, since I use the taxes after all positions I see the net amount, and most of the times immediately click on ‘save’, then slap myself for forgetting the issue with the status… :joy:

So, if possible for one of the next releases, it would be nice to copy all items and fields - but not the status. The old FusionInvoice didn’t copy the status but instead copied the old date … I don’t know what’s better… :grin:

Thank you very much for your support — however, for me personally this not a big thing though.