Restful Api To Create Android / Ios Apps

Do you Have Restful api For Invoiceplane to create android/ios apps?

[size=10]Last Update: 16.11.2015[/size]

InvoicePlane doesn’t has a REST API at the moment. I would say it’s not necessary tho. InvoicePlane is responsive and just works well on your phone. :smile:

This seems to be planned for v2

How soon Can we expect V2

Current roadmap says Winter 2015

Yes I agree that the website is responsive
but a lot more native features can be added
to this application if an api is available
it can be integrated with contact list in phone
Customer Picture can be clicked and Uploaded with Camera
Push Notifications can b sent
An Api can Bring a great Revolution To this awesome Software

i think laveral support Restful api

The beta will come around September I read last time.

Yes it’s correct, InvoicePlane 2 will ship with an API that enables every developer to create his own apps.

BTW: the alpha / beta for winter seems quite unrealistic as I’m the only active developer at the moment and there is much planning to do at the moment. I never wrote such a large app before and it’s really challenging.

Dang. If I could do some more PHP/Laravel, I would like to help. At the moment I just have some basic knowledge. No idea how to build APIs nor large Applications.

I could try small things, but I don’t know how long it would take me.

An app would definitely be a nice feature for some people as it would definitely improve the overall experience. I know responsive is great, however I’ve found that sometimes it doesn’t work.

InvoicePlane 1 will get a small API that enables you at least to view data. See IP-352

Hi! we are running another CRM application but want to use invoiceplane for invoicing only however we need it to be linked with CRM to exchange data. For that I was looking for the availability of API in invoiceplane to handle the situation. But seems like we still don’t have an API. I searched everywhere but couldn’t find any help.

Can anyone please update on this topic?

There’s no API for InvoicePlane V1. There will be for V2