Errors entering data with changed decimal seperator


I’m currently evaluating if invoiceplane (v1.4.3) fits my needs and i stumbled upon some little bugs. I changed decimal separator to “,” and decimal point “.” as it is usual in Germany.

With these settings i observed these bugs so far:

  • If i try to create or update a Quote or Invoice without entering a discount i get the following error in my log:

ERROR - 2015-07-07 19:38:32 --> Query error: Incorrect decimal value: ‘’ for column ‘item_discount_amount’ at row 1

  • The tax rates list and the tax rate form do not respect my changed decimal separator settings from “.” to “,”
  • Entering Products with a “,” as a decimal separator within “Price” or “Purchase Price” triggers a SQL Error like this one:

Hope that helpsto further improve invoiceplane :smile:

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The first problem should be caused by mysql using strict mode.

The last two points both are caused by the separator settings. I created a bug report and @Kovah may assign it to me.

Thanks for reporting


thanks for your reply. you’re right MySQL is set to STRICT_TRANS_TABLES. But the documentation tells that missing values will be replaced by the implicit default value for the data type which should be 0 for decimals.

For STRICT_TRANS_TABLES, MySQL converts an invalid value to the closest valid value for the column and inserts the adjusted value. If a value is missing, MySQL inserts the implicit default value for the column data type. In either case, MySQL generates a warning rather than an error and continues processing the statement. Implicit defaults are described in Section 11.6, “Data Type Default Values”.

For numeric types, the default is 0, with the exception that for integer or floating-point types declared with the AUTO_INCREMENT attribute, the default is the next value in the sequence.

Maybe I get this wrong.

Is it a good idea to alter the structure to give the column “item_discount_amount” a default value?

Thanks in advance.