Addition of Expense module

hi folks,

I installed invoice plane in wamp/www its worked properly.
But ,I am trying to add expense module like payment module to Enter expense or View expenses.

so how can I explore that module?

so kindly suggest me.


Since InvoicePlane is based on CodeIgniter you should read about the routing features

hi folks,

I am trying to add expense like payment module to Enter expense or View expenses.

I learned Code Igniter for adding expense module in invoice plane.

I have created some following changes,

  1. I create ip_expense,ip_expense_custom,ip_expense_methods table for enter expense(like expense amount,description etc.,).

  2. Also i added expenses folder in application/modules.

  3. In expenses folder i copied a payments module features (model,view,controller folders).

4)In expense module (views/form.php) i created a new form like payments (views/form.php) according to ip_expense table.

here it’s a problem is

a)i created a dropdown-menu in layout/layout.php for calling form.php in expense module like this.

          <li class="dropdown">
                <a href="#" class="dropdown-toggle" data-toggle="dropdown">
                    <i class="fa fa-caret-down"></i> &nbsp;<span
                        class="hidden-sm"><?php echo lang('expenses'); ?></span><i
                        class="visible-sm-inline fa fa-credit-card"></i>
                <ul class="dropdown-menu">
     <li><?php echo anchor('expenses/form', lang('enter_expense')); ?></l
         <li><?php echo anchor('expenses/index', lang('view_expenses')); ?></li>

b)this dropdown menu see properly but, didn’t calling for [echo anchor(‘expenses/form’, lang(‘enter_expense’));].

that error given: 404 Page not found

sir,please suggest me how can I call expense form in layout/layout.php to expense/form.
Here i will try to see expense form only…


Can you post your whole controller to please?

sure sir,

i posted controller on link …


You have to post the link from after submitting. There is a parameter missing so I can’t find your code.

Hi folks I’m looking for this functionallity. Is there any advance on it? Is there any plan to develop an expenses module?

Any update on this module? it will be a really useful feature

Post any further questions here: Expenses module