Editing a product will cause the price to change

Hi all,

It seems there’s a bug on product page, editing a product will change the already entered price. It only saves the digits before the thousand separator. I don’t know it’s right but I’ve managed to fix that by changing the code (line75) on \application\modules\products\views\form.php. Hope this helps

Original code
value="<?php echo format_amount($this->mdl_products->form_value('product_price')); ?>">

Changed code
value="<?php echo $this->mdl_products->form_value('product_price'); ?>">


I noticed this too. When using a different number format in settings. I am using comma for decimals but have to enter price decimals with a dot to get it working. On editing products the decimals disapeard and I ended up with 123,00 instead of 123,45. For now I used the fix as described in the original post. That works for now.