More advanced products system

Hi and thank you for this amazing software. I used fusion invoice before and now moved over to fusion plane :slight_smile:

I have an idea for the products that I would like to share and maybe it would be good enough to add it to invoice plane.

Purchase invoices with their own products.

At the moment I can add products to invoice plane and use them to create invoices. However it would be creat if I can add products and link them with purchase invoices (invoice number or something else) and also keep track of the quantity.



  • Order 3 HDD-s ; Purchase invoice number 1111
  • Add new product to IP, define product name for example “WD HDD 1TB”
  • Define that this product is connected to purchase invoice nr. 1111
  • Add quantity of 3
  • Fill the purchase price, fill selling price etc.
  • Save

Now IP has a product with purchase invoice connected to it and also knows that there are 3 of those in the stock.
There is no need to keep the purchase invoice pdf in the system. Just the number of the invoice is good :smile:


  • Create a new invoice for customer
  • Open “Products” window and select “WD HDD 1TB” and before it is added to the invoice I have to give a quantity
  • IP checks if the given quantity is OK (we have 3 in stock) and if all is green add them to the invoice
  • IP will then update the stock state AND connects purchase invoice number with the invoice.
  • Do the same thing with another product with another purchase invoice number. So my new invoice includes products from two different purchase invoices.
  • Add more products …
  • Save and send

Now IP has an invoice with products that came from different purchase invoices.
At the products page I can open a product and see what invoices have been created using these items and if I open the invoice it shows the list of purchase invoice numbers that are used. This information is only visible to me and client does not have to see them on the invoice (pdf or client area).

I hope that this feature is good enough to be added to invoice plane in the future :smile:

[size=10]Last Update: 30.06.2015[/size]

thanks for your input.
There will be a new invoice type called “purchase invoice” which simply allows incoming invoices to be processed. And this new I voice type will handle the whole process which means products can have stocks which can be increased by a purchase invoice.

hi Kovah,
this is excelent news :smile:

Will it also provide a way to see what purchase invoices were used while creating items on the invoice? For example my current problem is that I need to track to whom I have sold items that were purchased with different purchase invoices and then see what pruducts still remain in the stock. So an inventory list with information about invoices and what purchase invoices with what products were used while creating it would be an excelent addition :smile:

Well I dont think that this will be implemented. InvoicePlane should offer a basic product handling that can be used for basic accounting features. But some similar feature could be integrated with a plugin.


do you have any news regarding the purchase invoice for the incoming invoices ?

Thank you in advance

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