Current state of the InvoicePlane project

Dear InvoicePlane community,
I just wanted to inform you all about the current state of the project, the planning and the future.

At the moment I have not much time to spend on the project as I started working full-time. The most time I can get will be invested into the development of InvoicePlane 2. I hope you understand my current situation. I would really like to work full time on the project but I can’t live from nothing as I don’t earn money with the software.
This means that the planned release of an early beta will not be available in fall this year. If I doesn’t get any help from other developers the application will not even be released this year. There is so much to do that I can’t handle in the small amount of time I can get.
If you are a good developer or you know one please contact me. Even smaller amounts of help, like creating mockups, or defining controllers or models will help a lot.

Addition: About InvoicePlane v1

As I got a message over Reddit I just wanted to clarify what will happen to the version 1 in the future: InvoicePlane 1 will not be abandoned or discontinued. The version will still be available and receive smaller updates and fixes because I think that the version is still widely used and supports older environments.
The only thing is - as stated in another post - that I will not work on new features. If another developer submits a new feature this will be included but I spend my time only on bug fixes and InvoicePlane 2.

Requirements for InvoicePlane 2

As you may already know IP 2 is based on Laravel, the framework that is used to build the application. With the release of Laravel 5.1, which will be a long-term-support version we can make sure that security patches will be available for a long time.
Additionally I want to use a PHP library that supports handling of larger amounts than the current system.

So, these are the new requirements:

  • an up-to-date web server (Apache >2.4 or nginx >1.6)
  • PHP > 5.5 with the following libraries/extensions installed
    • OpenSSL
    • PDO
    • Mbstring
    • Tokenizer
    • mCrypt
    • BC Math
  • MySQL > 5.6
  • a modern, up-to-date web browser (see this overview for the latest versions)
    (this is not the final list, it may get updates in the future)

:warning: Before some of you may ask why PHP 5.4 will not be supported I would like to say just one thing: PHP 5.4 will not be supported anymore after 14th of September this year. This means all old or new security issues will remain unresolved which is a big issue for applications like InvoicePlane which stores sensitive business data.
If you are currently running a web server with PHP equal or below version 5.4 I advise you to upgrade to a newer version. If you can’t upgrade on your own contact your hosting provider to do so.

There will be a huge update for the wiki for InvoicePlane 2 so it should be no problem to install InvoicePlane and it’s requirements on your own server.

If you have any other questions feel free to ask.