Setup issue with windows server on godaddy

Hello there,
Thanks for lovely this lovely tool.

I have downloaded and setup this on my local machine and /lynux server its work fine but when i move to windows hosting on godaddy it;s not working.
I made sub domain name with and write in htacces file about sub directory name bill and hit this url in browser but it show 404 page not found error i remove subdirectory name and live its default it again showing same 404 error.

i check server requirement the 5.4 php version and Mcrypt is enabled

here you can check all info

Please help me to resolve this problem.

thanks in advance

I have already installed it for you. Check your private messages where you provided more details. It’s all done.

I am not seeing any private message let me know you have done

Another user (bhanu) requested this. He was using the same domain name so I suppose you were the same person. My bad. Do you know eachother?

ya he told me to resolve this could you send me link of there post ?

or could you send me solution so i can understand what is issue

Hello Laurens waiting for your response please let me know how you fixed this.

I sent him a private message with the instructions so that he can make his user account. All should be fine after he logs in.

please send that instruction to me ,thanks

I seem to have the same issue when trying to install InvoicePlane to a windows server on GoDaddy.
Is it possible to share the instructions to make this work?


Im also having issues with installing IP over windows hosting. Kindly Guide!