My cron doesn't work, my cron key always changing

there are some problem in my invoiceplane

i install my invoiceplane on sub domain (example.
and the problem is my cron job. two days ago i setup my cronjob with SC4T6YERkxX3l7D2 key
and yesterday the server sent me email that my cronjob is error the message is :
/usr/local/cpanel/bin/jailshell: No such file or directory
so i check my admin on system setting. the key was changed to 3HEIABMLtUEWgccB (i’m sure, am not regenerate the key ! )
and i change the key on cronjob command. AND TODAY the error message still coming and same problem
the key is changing again !

what should i do ?

oh another question
i have installed invoiceplane on a subdomain. and i not change n htaccess RewriteBase (its still default RewriteBase /) is that the source of my problem ?

and my cron command in like this :
0 0 * * * (one per day)

sorry for my bad english

This is a very weird problem.
Could you please share some system information (IP version, OS, PHP and web server version,…) with us?

i was re-installing the site i’m hope this problem will be fixed

okay now the weird problem is resolved the key is not changing

but cron can execute my command. they say
No such file or directory

did i do something wrong my with cron command @Kovah?? i follow the turorial on ip wiki :frowning:

The cron wasn’t changed for several releases. And it is working on my system so it is related to your configuration.

gan, ketemu lagi kita disini,
ente harus sisipin index.php di sblm /invoices/
misalnya :
jadi gini,